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Updated: Jun 12, 2019

Photo of artist Alvaro José holding a sign that reads "BUY MY ART BEFORE I'M DEAD" in the middle of the street in Wynwood Arts District in the city of MIami
Artist Alvaro José in Wynwood

I mean, really! As an artist myself and someone who represents other artists, I freakin' struggle every day to sell a painting. It's so frustrating! To give you an example, when we do some art festivals, the rage, the frustration, the sadness, the defeat, and at the same time the drive, that we get, to see people buy a ten dollar hot dog and a seven dollar beer, and not buy a gorgeous card with your art on it for three or five dollars, is insane. You know, if people can't afford the painting, at least they could buy a card, so we, the artists, can make some money to go and buy more paint to keep making art. Support the art and the artists, man!

Ok, so that's enough ranting on my part. (I totally understand that people can spend their money however they see fit, I get it) I'm just ranting here. I kinda feel better already, that I was able to let it out. So, thank you.

Artist/Gallery Owner M.Solorzano

About two years ago, I started a documentary titled "Buy My Art Before I'm Dead" . It was or still is, I don't know anymore, about an artist who has multiple myeloma. That is a messed up type of cancer, well, aren't they all? Like I was saying, a movie about an artist with a type of cancer with no cure, and how hard it is for artists to sell art, about the business of art and galleries, and about us, artists, telling you guys: "Hey, I need the money now. Don't wait until I'm dead to buy some art."

I stopped filming a while ago. I don't remember why, anymore. Maybe I had no time, maybe I got in my head, maybe I needed to hustle to make some sales, I can't remember anymore. Today, I woke up and I said to myself: "Martha. Finish the damn movie. Say what you have to say. Stop the excuses. Just finish it!"

Dear readers, thank you for reading my B.S. that sort of turned into some sort of therapy session, rant, purge, ahhh, I don't know. I just wanted to tell you to look out for this film, that is still being shot and to also tell you, to buy some art, to invest in art, and to support your local artists.

The world needs more beauty.

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