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The Buddha and Christ -The Many Similarities

Brothers By Another Mother?

Although Buddha and Jesus are separated by 600 years and by about 3000 miles their stories and teachings have many similarities.

There are many similarities between the mythical elements of Jesus and Buddha. Here are just a few of the most striking ones:

Conceived in a miraculous manner.

Similar names of mother. (Maya for Buddha, Mary for Jesus)

Was a bit of a child prodigy.

Underwent a long period of fasting while traveling alone.

Tempted by, but overcame, the devil.

Began an itinerant ministry around the age of 30.

Had disciples who traveled with him.

Performed miracles, such as curing blindness and walking on water.

Renounced worldly riches and required his disciples to do so also.

Rebelled against the religious elite. (Brahmans for Buddha and Pharisees for Jesus)

Dispatched disciples, shortly before his death, to spread his message.

They both advocate what has come to be called “The Golden Rule”—treat others as you would wish to be treated. They both urge followers to live a life of peace and love, returning love for hate and anger. They both promote what Buddha called “right action”—do not kill, steal, slander, etc. they both stress the importance of helping others.


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