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He bought a $1 house in Italy, then Covid-19 struck

Our artist, Alvaro José's story is on CNN travel. Read about how he has been navigating this pandemic in a foreign land.

Miami-based artist Alvaro Solorzano is currently stuck in Mussomeli, a picturesque town in the southern island of Sicily where last year he purchased two cheap properties -- one of them costing just one euro, or a little over a dollar.

In March he arrived with his wife, son and son's girlfriend to start renovating the houses. The other three headed back to Miami and Solorzano was due to follow them a couple of weeks later, but then his flight was canceled.

"I lost track of time. We came here together and I ended up living the quarantine in Mussomeli all by myself, without any furniture just a bed and TV, and nobody to talk to," he tells CNN. "That was the hardest thing. Had my wife or son been with me, it would have been different."

To see or purchase Alvaro Jose's art:

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