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Acrylic on canvas

Artist: M. Solorzano


Started in the year 2018 finished year 2020


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  • Influenced by Picasso’s period of cubism, and surrealism and De Kooning’s abstract expressionism,  M. Solorzano paints biomorphic shapes. She is great at ambiguously blending figure and ground in her pictures while dismembering, re-assembling and distorting her figures in the process. An admirer of beauty, she paints the female form as the mother of the universe, and nature meshed into one. 


    Acrylic on canvas. 

    The artist started this painting in 2018.  She thought it was finished and signed the piece.  She tells us, that every time she looked at it after having completed it, she felt something in her belly.  Two years later, she brought it back to her studio, because the piece didn't let her sleep. She finished the Yolette, in 2020.  

    Yolette has beautiful brown skin, big eyes, that the artist is famous for, flowers in her hair, long, long nails. She's comfortable in her femininity.  

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