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Acrylic on Canvas



Artist:  M. Solorzano



Excluding Sales Tax
  • Influenced by Picasso’s period of cubism, and surrealism and De Kooning’s abstract expressionism,  M. Solorzano paints biomorphic shapes. She is great at ambiguously blending figure and ground in her pictures while dismembering, re-assembling and distorting her figures in the process.

  • A Woman with big mystirious eyes, is something that the artist paints in many of her pieces.  Looking straight ahead, gives the woman in the painting a sense of confidence, and yet calmness.

    The lines behind her seem to show a window of some sort, where light comes in and highlights part of her face.

    Windows, is a detail that can be seen in many of the artist's other works, meaning ideas, and escape route, possibilities, hope...

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