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Acrylic on Canvas


Artist: M. Solorzano


The Rake In Love

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  • Influenced by Picasso’s period of cubism, and surrealism and De Kooning’s abstract expressionism,  M. Solorzano paints biomorphic shapes. She is great at ambiguously blending figure and ground in her pictures while dismembering, re-assembling and distorting her figures in the process.

  • This piece was started in 2010, put away and finally finished in 2018.

    The Rake.  


    In this painting the "Rake" is the man.  If you look closely, you'll notice that his face is looking forward and at the same time, looking at the woman.  He is extending a flower to her, smiling at her, and is aroused by her. She is coy and flirty with big eyes and roud cheeks. 


    The Rake burns with a desire that enflames the woman he is seducing. It is extreme, uncontrollable and dangerous. The Rake May end in hell, but the flames surrounding him often make him seem that much more desirable to women. 

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