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Oil on Canvas



Artist: M.Solorzano


Excluding Sales Tax
  • Influenced by Picasso’s period of cubism, and surrealism and De Kooning’s abstract expressionism,  M. Solorzano paints biomorphic shapes. She is great at ambiguously blending figure and ground in her pictures while dismembering, re-assembling and distorting her figures in the process. An admirer of beauty, she paints the female form as the mother of the universe, and nature meshed into one. Her art has been changing through the years to a more figurative style and melodic lines.

  • Inspired by Da Vinci's paintings of women.

    He showed women as enigmatic, inaccessible, sweet, sensual, elusive, ambiguous or ironic, but most importantly, he showed them with a soul and character, always revealing to a great extent psychological introspection.

    MINDI is feminine, modern and a little bit Rock 'n Roll.

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