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  • Print Photo images are printed on glossy or metallic photo paper. The print is then face-mounted using an optically clear glue onto acrylic. Once the face-mount is finished the image is back-mounted with a metal composite material called dibond. The back of the dibond is braced with an aluminum back-frame that allows the work to be hung on suitable wall hooks . The back-frame is hidden behind the artwork and leaves the picture floating in front of the wall. Photos on acrylic give your images a beautiful, modern look. Because the image is face-mounted directly to the acrylic, the final product is a vivid almost 3 dimensional print.

    If interested in other sizes or material (aluminum/canvas) make your request via email

  • Oscar Corbella has been involved in the arts in different aspects within the artistic universe.  

    As an actor, he has an extensive career in front of the camera for American productions as well as, for productions worldwide. He transfers all that experience to his chapter as a photographer, using and playing with light, angles and storytelling.

    Mr. Corbella prefers portraits, where his main objective is to capture the personality and details of the subject.

    The usage of chiaroscuro is essential to his work, reason why most of his work in black and white.

    Street photography is another one of his passions. Within his best work, we find portraits of "people of the streets", who manifest the hardship of a life without resources in their faces.  These are people,  who he finds, sometimes in great cities, and sometimes in small towns forgotten by time.

    Mr. Corbella was born in Argentina and has lived in the US for forty years. He now resides in Miami, Florida.

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