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Ceramic, Raku
Height: 8"
Width:  6"
Depth: 4"
Artist:  Puchi Noriega


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  • Born in Peru to a family of artists, her parents and six siblings, all worked with clay in the family's ceramic studio. From the age of three, Puchi joins them and shares in this creative passion.
    Along with her family, in 1974 she emigrates to Canada and starts her aritstic career.

    At age 18 is awarded four first prices at the Richmond Ceramic Competition, in Virginia, USA.

    She returns to Peru and begins to teach ceramic sculpture professionally at the Art Museum of Lima.
    O 1984 she travels to Canada and engages in several exhibitions, teaches at Teh Ottawa School of Art, and receives various awards for her work.

    In 1994, she moves to Miami, Florida and in 1997 she founds the first Art Institute of Miami. A few years later she opens Puchi Art Studio and organizes the Falls Art Walk.
    She is voted president of the Ceramic League of Miami, a well recognized organization in South Florida.

    Puchi has participated in numerous group and individual exhibitionsthroughout her artistic career. Now, she continues her fruitful work, exploring her roots and giving workshops internationally.

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