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MAROOKA real alligator purse.  Entirely hand made, one of a kind, with a red crystal brooch to match.

Real Alligator, Cherry Red, Purse with Crystal Brooch

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  • The brand is called MAROOKA, a name I chose, inspired by my mother.  The pieces are entirely hand made and the leather is hand dyed. It is lined with suede inside. All of the MAROOKA handbags are one of a kind. Each and everyone of them is a piece of art. I very carefully look in different places and sometimes countries for special pieces, to adorn each MAROOKA purse. It is for sure, for the woman who prefers to have something special, that no one else has. My designs have an old Hollywood feel to them, combined with the modern, elegant sleek lines for the woman of today. One only needs to wear a pair of jeans, a white tank top, or a simple black dress, a MAROOKA purse, and that is it!!! FANTASTIC!!! 

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