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Acrylic on Canvas
16 X 12
Artist: Maria Del Rosario

Recreo De Anguilas

Excluding Sales Tax
  • She is a writer, mother, wife and painter.  Her paintings are filled with symbolism and surrealism.  She paints memories of old legends, and tales from another era and world, from beliefs of an ultra Catholic upbringing sprinkled with the mystery of magic and the secrets of the Universe.


    Maria del Rosario truly understands color.  Her shades do not attempt to capture nature, but rather to suggest movement, rhythm and to create a vibrant atmosphere which is based on her own personal vision.


    Like she says in a line of one of  her poems loosely translated after having dreams of volcanos erupting and silver laurels falling on her forehead...



    What could it be?

    An ardent wish of being outstanding?

    Or maybe death that comes to me

    in shades of silver and smiling.

  • Paintings are also available in prints on paper, metal, and acrylic and in various sizes.  This is all done on special order.

    Prices  differ according to specific dimensions and media.

    Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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