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"The 13th Apostle"

Acrylic on Canvas 

105 X 70

Artist: Alvaro Jose


The 13th Apostle

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  • Alvaro José's unique style in painting is characterized by an elongation and roundness of form, a purity of line, a sense of mass and a languorous  atmosphere.

  • The Thirteenth Apostle 

    Artist: Alvaro Jose


    There have been many depictions of the Last Supper, Da Vinci's being probably the most famous ones of all.


    Here the artist paints the last supper, using "pop culture".  The apostles share, fries, soda and burgers from Mc. Donalds.  We also see Ronald Mc Donald in the back being  "The Thirteenth Apostle".  


    I guess it relies on  pure interpretation of the viewer as to  what the artist means to say about his "last meal".  It could be as simply as bringing his "last supper" to a more contemporary audience.  


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